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Welcome to Barry County 's Parcel Database Search Engine

What you need to know:

Age: Assessment Database is current up to December 31, 2005 (the 2006 Assessment Roll)
         Some records may be slightly more recent, check for sale date.

         Delinquent Tax Database is current up to the date printed at the top of the results
         set.  We will make every effort to update this database several times each week.

The parcel database was created by combining individual township, village 
and city assessment rolls.  Assessment Rolls are maintained at the township 
and city level, not the county. 
If you suspect an error in a record, please print the 
record and contact the appropriate assessor.  

*Property Assessment Cards contain much more information than provided by 
this site, if you need more information, please contact the appropriate assessor.

Parcel Code Break Down

         County       Township         Section/Plat          Parcel Number

              08-            01-                   001-                 001-00  OR  (100-001-00)*

 *only used in Carlton Township & about 10% of Castleton Township

 Township Prefixes

01                Assyria      

02                Baltimore

03                Barry

04                Carlton

05                Castleton

06                Hastings

07                Hope

08                Irving

09                Johnstown

10                Maple Grove

11                Orangeville

12                Prairieville

13                Rutland

14                Thornapple

15                Woodland

16                Yankee Springs

41         Middleville
42         Freeport-Carlton

43         Freeport-Irving
52         Nashville-Castleton
53         Nashville-Maple Grove        

      55        City of Hastings

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Thank You very much for your patience during our downtime.  It was frustrating for all involved.  We are now in a better position to make adjustments and changes to how the search works, so please E-mail me any comments or suggestions regarding the search engine.








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