Tax Parcel Maps

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Road Index

Assyria 2015
Baltimore 2017
Barry 2014
Carlton 2014
Castleton 2015
Hastings 2015
Hope 2016
Irving 2015
Johnstown 2015
Maple Grove 2017
Orangeville 2016
Prairieville 2015
Rutland 2017
Thornapple 2016
Woodland 2015
Yankee Springs 2015

Freeport 2014/2015
Middleville 2016
Nashville 2015/2017
Woodland 2015

Hastings 2016


Disclaimer:  These  maps are for tax administration  and are compiled from county, township, and city records.  This information is for purposes of taxation only and does NOT represent a land survey.  Barry County Land Information Service

Page last updated 04/06/2017 - BCLIS

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